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1.)   What size should order?

Order your normal dress size; we have made the calculations taking the natural stretch of the latex into consideration.  Do not order the size below your size.  If you are unsure or prefer a different fit then please ask us to help.



2.)   I not sure what my size is in UK dress sizes.

View our size guide and size converter.

 Size Guide


3.)   When will my item arrive?

UK sales arrive with 14 days of purchase.  All other countries arrive within 21 days of purchase.


4.)   How do I put it on?

Talc the inside of the garment.  Look for the biggest opening of the latex garment.  Use your fingertip rather than your fingernails to gently move the latex into place.


5.)   How do I make my latex garment shiny?

Apply latex friendly silicon gel to a lint-free cloth and polish the latex garment.


6.)   How will it feel?

Latex feels very soft and smooth.  It may feel cold at first but it will soon warm up to your temperature. 


7.)   How often do I need to clean the latex garment?

If the garment has come into contact with silicon, it must be washed within 72 hours of that contact, otherwise, your item will deteriorate.  Refunds cannot be issued for this damage.


8.)   How do I clean my latex garment? 

Run a sink of warm water with a healthy measure of washing-up liquid for the size of your sink.  Place the garment into the soapy water.  Soak the garment for 10 minutes.  Use your hands to massage the garment with the soapy water.  Repeat these steps if a lot of silicon has been used on the garment.  Once satisfied with your hand wash, rinse the soap off the garment with cool water.


9.)   How do I dry my garment?

Let as much water as possible fall off the latex garment whilst it is over the sink.   Hang dry on a plastic coated hanger.  If the item comes into contact with metal when it is wet the latex can be permanently marked.  Refunds cannot be issued for this damage.


10.) Can I wash my latex in the washing machine?

We highly recommend that you way the garments by hand.


11.) What must I avoid?

Fire, heat, oil, oil-based silicon, metal, sharp surfaces, direct sunlight,


12.) Does latex stretch?

Yes, latex has the ability to stretch by approximately 5% of it's width.


13.) Does latex break or tear?

Latex can easily tear if not handled correctly. Sharp surfaces such as fingernails, jewellery can cause this to happen.


14.) How long will my garment last?

The producers of natural latex sheeting estimate that latex can last up to 20 years when stored, worn and cared for correctly. Unfortunately, things such as the sunlight and silicone can cause irreversible deterioration of the material.  We recommend that you use silicone to shine the garment but it must be washed off after use, please see the "how do I clean my latex garment" above for details.


15.) Why buy from here?

Our latex is made with love, we maintain high standards and really care about what we do.


16.) Where is it made?

We have a creative workspace in St Albans, United Kingdom.


17.) Where can I wear it?

Inside and outside, there are no rules; we want to see more latex on the everyday streets but as long as you feel comfortable that’s great!


18.) Can it be repaired?

It is dependent on the individual circumstances. It can be tricky but the best thing is to get in contact with us or send a photo of the damage and we will recommend what is the best course of action is.  We want you to go on enjoying your garment for as long as possible so we will usually replace a section of the garment for a small fee. 


19.) Can it be altered?

Again, it is dependent on the individual circumstances of the garment.

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